Letter from Avocat Group CEO Eric Berson, Esq.

Dear Sir, Madame, or Mademoiselle,

In a world of multinational brokerage companies with tens of thousands of employees I am often asked, “How does a specialty firm such as Avocat Group compete, succeed, and thrive, in the most competitive arena in commercial real estate?”

There are three keys to our success. Trust, Relationships, and Passion.

Trust: If you want to do business with people over and over again you must be unconditionally ethical. If you look at our list of transactions you will see the same names over and over. That is because we have always done everything we know to treat people the right way. They see that, and they repeatedly seek our counsel. We don’t have a mission statement. We have a Canon of Ethics. It is our most valuable asset. To earn trust, you must combine these high ethics with superior knowledge and experience. I’m an attorney, perhaps like you. In my career I have been a developer and learned lessons from personally building buildings, overseeing construction and personally guaranteeing not only quality/timely construction but the timely repayment of all development/construction financing. I’ve never missed a delivery date or the repayment of any loan. I have also been a tenant, and know the angst you feel when signing your name to a long term commitment on behalf of your firm. Most mere brokers simply don’t have any of these experiences. Our firm has negotiated many large and complex transactions, in all 50 U.S. states and 11 countries. There is a lesson to be learned from each one. Lessons that can come to help you in the future. We have met and completed transactions with many if not all of the largest national and regional landlords. We know how they think and their motivations. They and we both know that this won’t be the last transaction that we do together and while they know that we will be tough, they also know we can be trusted. That takes time.

Relationships: So many people are focused on today. We understand that when a company has significant bills to pay, quarterly reports to file, and perhaps stock prices to keep up, they must be obsessed on the bottom line. We have none of those concerns. Ask most brokers how long a major law firm transaction takes from start to finish and they will give you an answer in months. Perhaps 12-24 months. For us, it is often 4-10 years, perhaps more. Why? First, we expect to work for some period of time to earn a client’s trust before they formally engage us. Then a further period of time on the actual transaction structuring. And then, and this is the key, once the paperwork is signed, we expect that we will be part of the team for the life of the lease/occupancy and thereafter. After lease or purchase documents are completed there are issues with construction, future expansion, expense audits, contractions, various disputes, and the list goes on and on. We are not only willing to be there for these issues, we expect it. Our clients know we will be working on the transaction long after the traditional large brokerage house has moved on to the next account.

Passion: I was extremely lucky to be able to retire in early 1985 after a successful career as a developer. Soon after retiring I discovered that my passion wasn’t golf or sailing or travel. It was structuring, improving, and subtly but importantly refining real estate transactions, especially those related to law firms. Once I discovered that, I decided I would spend the rest of my life doing what I loved. Avocat Group’s success does not derive from simply working harder than our competitors. It comes from the fact that what the competitors consider work, we consider both rewarding and enjoyable. Fun. It does takes an awful lot of effort, relentless focus, and the time investment to stay on the cutting edge of industry knowledge and practices. For everyone that joins the Avocat Group team, there is nothing else that we’d rather do.

We thank you for the time investment that you’ve made to read this far. We’re glad to demonstrate our appreciation by helping you or providing advice on any real estate issue that you might have, with no concern or obligation for fees on your part. If you’d like to talk, just give us a call. We will treat you right, earn your trust, demonstrate our passion and, if we’re lucky, develop a relationship together.

Eric C. Berson, Esq. (Bio)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer