Acquisition Due Diligence

Acquiring a company often means inheriting leases that you never got to negotiate. We'll make sure that you have fair market terms or alert you to avoid potential negative surprises.

M&A transactions provide the legacy by which every management team is remembered. They require fast and accurate due diligence in a multitude of disciplines to develop and implement a successful integration and transition plan. Real estate problems discovered subsequent to the transition lead at best to a loss of flexibility and, at worse, the loss of millions of dollars and a huge economic risk to the firm.

M&A integration consultants are unlikely to provide detailed information and analyses regarding real estate positions of the acquired company, and lack the real estate based experience to accurately determine sublease values, time to market, and rights contained within complex lease agreements.

Avocat Group will help you create a detailed integration plan with respect to offices or distribution centers considering those factors and timed to leverage lease expiration dates and renewal or expansion rights. For companies looking to create a restructuring plan, our financial staff will provide all reference materials necessary to meet auditing requirements.

We help you get your arms around the many moving parts that tie operations to real estate. Avocat Group helps clients to create accurate, timely, and profitable integration strategies.

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