Multi-Location Portfolio Management

Single, reliable point of contact using salaried transaction managers, not commissioned salespeople, to help you to get the best solution.

Most growing companies with multiple locations struggle with managing their real estate portfolios due to a lack of time, resources, expertise, and a defined process. Eliminate the guesswork around managing your locations with a single, reliable point of contact.

Avocat Group has built a team of experts to bring you clarity and confidence in your real estate portfolio. Together we’ll develop short, medium, and long-term strategies tailored to address immediate concerns while laying the foundation for your future growth. We’ll create corporate real estate policies, build systems so you never miss an important date, utilize data analytics, eliminate facility liabilities, and maintain a standardized process across your portfolio. 

Let us guide you through this process, providing you with the systematic approach you need to streamline your real estate management, saving you time and enhancing efficiency.

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