Supercharge Your Site Selection with our TargetSite™ Data-Driven Decision Tool

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, the location of your operations plays a pivotal role in defining success. Traditional methods of site selection often involve a mix of intuition and limited data, leading to decisions that may not fully align with your company’s strategic goals. It’s time to move beyond guesswork and embrace a future where data-driven decision tools empower your site selection process.

Eliminate Guesswork, Embrace Precision

Choosing the best location for your business is a decision that shouldn’t be left to chance. With our advanced data-driven decision tools, we eliminate the guesswork from site selection, providing you with comprehensive insights and analytics tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re expanding, relocating, or establishing a new operation, our tools are designed to ensure that every decision is informed, strategic, and optimized for success.

Access to Critical Data at Your Fingertips

Our approach to site selection is rooted in the power of data. We provide access to a wealth of information, including:

Labor Pools

Discover the depth and cost of local labor markets. We help you identify where the talent resides, enabling you to position your business strategically to attract and retain the best employees.

Customer Mapping

Gain insights into where your existing and potential customers are located. Unlike census data which can be stale and many years old, we utilize fresh data that is updated weekly combining anonymized cell phone visits combined with credit card spending to segment your market into 70+ demographic profiles.

Demographic Analysis

Understand the demographic landscape of potential sites. This data helps you align your business with the community’s needs and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit.

Competitor Coverage

Get an overview of your competitors’ market presence. This knowledge allows you to choose locations with optimal competitive advantage, carving out a niche for your business.

Employee Commute Analysis

Consider the commute times for potential employees. A convenient location can significantly improve employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Make Smarter Real Estate Decisions

Our data-driven tools are more than just a resource; they’re a pathway to making smarter real estate decisions that resonate with your business goals. Whether it’s maximizing market penetration, reducing operational costs, or enhancing employee well-being, our tools are designed to deliver outcomes that matter.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Insights

Every business is unique, and so are our solutions. We tailor our analyses to fit your specific criteria, ensuring relevance and precision in every recommendation.

Strategic Advantage

With our data at your disposal, you gain a competitive edge in site selection. Make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

Comprehensive Support

From initial analysis to final selection, our team of experts is with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and successful site selection process.

Choosing the right location is a critical decision for any business. With our data-driven decision tools, you can confidently navigate the complexities of site selection, ensuring that every choice is a step towards achieving your long-term success. Why settle for guesswork when you can make informed, strategic decisions that set your business apart?

Why wouldn't leveraging data-driven tools for your site selection be a good idea?

Let us guide you towards making smarter, more informed real estate decisions that fuel your business’s growth and success.

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