Challenger Sports

The world's largest operator of soccer camps and tours, with approximately a dozen offices stretching from Seattle to Miami.


Real estate is not a core competency for this company and they often found themselves behind the ball on renewal negotiations and paying premiums. They desired a more proactive approach to get ahead of deadlines and maintain manageable rental rates.     ​


Avocat Group entered all properties into our proprietary Facility Dashboard and held quarterly meetings with management and regional staff to develop a consistent, nationwide real estate strategy. Management teams used the dashboard for property-tracking, leasing timeline review, and as a repository for leasing documentation.      


Challenger has used Avocat for over a decade to minimize both rents and the time involvement of their staff so that they can focus on building their business – not chasing down landlord brokers.      

Client Response:


“Real estate was a time drain for our local managers and not a top priority as compared to servicing our customers, so it was difficult for them to keep in front of expirations.  Avocat Group helped us to understand the market and gain leverage by being proactive.  Just as important, they saved us time so that we could focus on our core business.”

– Andy Bennett, Chief Commercial Officer SVP

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