AWC is an expert in Automation & Controls, serving as the authorized local sales, support, and service partner for many of the world’s most trusted Automation and Control Systems brands, including Siemens, Rittal, and Phoenix Contact.


AWC had two separate locations totaling around 25,000 square feet and needed to consolidate their operations under one roof. The limited availability of properties within a tight geographic area presented a challenge, and they also did not need to occupy the new space for approximately 18 months.


Instead of only focusing on properties currently listed on the market, Avocat Group identified an off-market site still occupied by another tenant. The timing of the tenant’s planned move-out matched well with AWC’s need to occupy the space within 18 months.


Avocat Group secured a larger, 73,500 SQFT facility, for AWC near their current location, providing the space needed for growth and expansion while allowing them to retain all their employees.

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