Non-Profit Learning Center

17,000 SQFT non-profit office user which needed to expand, but could not do so within the current building


A non-profit learning center had an urgent need to expand their office space, although they could not do so within their current building. They also required a much different build-out and their current space would not be able to accommodate it without a massive disruption in operations. Additionally, they required a cancellation option due to their dependency on public funding. ​  


Avocat analyzed the market and identified a building for our client to expand into and take 17,000 SQFT of office space. Avocat was able to negotiate for the new landlord to perform a full turn-key build out, giving our client the optimized space build-out they required while being paid for by the new landlord.


Our client was able to confidently sign a long-term lease to relocate into expansion space that they knew would accommodate their growth, while also knowing they had a cancellation option should their funding become an issue. ​

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