PSS World Medical

Portfolio Optimization - PSS is the world’s largest distributor of medical products, equipment, billing services, and pharmaceutical-related products to non-hospital healthcare providers.


Needed to optimize distribution network and move to hub-and-spoke distribution. Even with 100+ North American locations, next-day delivery was a critical brand promise. They had delayed move-in dates on the last 3 facility moves before our involvement.


Provided an entire North American portfolio strategy and have completed over 200 leases representing over 5 million SQFT. They completed 26 move-in dates in a row on time and under budget.


Avocat saved PSS World Medical millions of dollars in designing and implementing the company’s North American real estate strategy.

Client Response:

“Avocat Group saved PSS millions of dollars through the above actions and played a vital role in the implementation of our strategic plan. Because of the extraordinary value that Avocat Group brought us, I strongly recommend them to other organizations.

Below are a few of the actions Avocat Group took that brought PSS tremendous value:

  • Reduced facility footprint through more efficient use of space
  • Delivered all facilities on time and under budget
  • Streamlined site selection process
  • Disposed of leases for old facilities through buy-out or sub-lease
  • RFP and selection of facility construction/architects”

Harlan Mason – Vice President Network Optimization, PSS World Medical

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