Water Desalination Services

Established in the US Virgin Islands in 1996 and Headquartered in Oldsmar FL, Seven Seas Water provides water management services to clients in water scarce regions all over the globe.


Seven Seas was a startup when Avocat Group first started working with them in 2006. They were unsure of their direction and did not have a clear grasp on how much space they would need and where exactly their HQ should be located. Additionally, they did not have any prior financial history, which made some potential landlords wary of them as a tenant. ​


Avocat acted as an outsourced Real Estate Department to determine all possible scenarios for Seven Seas and uncover all suitable locations that could work. We presented these options in a financial comparison so they could make a data backed decision for their new HQ location.


Seven Seas was able to confidently select their top option for their new HQ and Avocat Group negotiated a competitive rate. Their soon-to-be landlord was requiring a personal guarantee since Seven Seas was a new company, but Avocat was able to successfully strike this out of the lease. Seven Seas has since expanded multiple times both domestically and globally.

Success Stories