Pharmaceutical Company

Critical Client Services - Pharmaceutical Company produces and delivers chemotherapy drugs to medical centers and operates out of 57 facilities across the country.


Due to the nature of the radioactive products Pharmaceutical Company manufactures, the company’s supply chain requires that their delivery schedules must be extremely precise; in many circumstances, Pharmaceutical Company must fulfill an order and delivery within minutes of production. Accordingly, Pharmaceutical Company’s portfolio required a number of special considerations in dealing with landlords in various regions.


Avocat applied a portfolio approach that allowed Pharmaceutical Company to improve their planning process, leasing timelines, and act efficiently in strategic planning for their real estate operations.


Pharmaceutical Company benefitted form a proactive strategy to minimize costs, plan constructions, and gain necessary approvals in advance.

Client Response:

“We have worked with Avocat Group since 2018. My company has over 50 locations under lease around the United States. Avocat came in and got us fully organized, reduced rental rates and negotiated other more favorable terms. The entire Avocat team is highly professional, effective and responsive. They are true professionals in every sense of the word.”

James A. Wilkinson, Esquire – Vice President – Legal, Jubilant Pharma

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